Cheers to the weekend

It’s time to go and make stories for Monday

It’s time to refuel, refresh, refocus and restart

It’s time to restart yourself and install new positive thoughts

It’s time to remove negative data from your mind

It’s time to update yourself to the latest version

Its time to do something new✨



Endless Gratitude 💙

“People who are grateful are happier”

Count your blessings, appreciate all the small things in life, and repeat this every morning:

I’m thankful I wake up
I’m grateful for my five senses
I’m healthy and able to enjoy the day
I can walk outside and capture every season in photos
I explore with my eyes and see the beauty of God’s creation
I’m thankful for the support and love I receive from my family
I’m beautiful in my way and so proud of myself
I love my personality and I love myself
I’m able to think, visualize, store memories, and create new solutions
I’m sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life
I’m able to get through tough times
I am stronger than I think…

All these and more … To be grateful for …


You are enough

Stop comparing yourself to others.
You are not them!

You are not the person you compare yourself to; You have different strengths and different weaknesses.

We are all different; each one of us is unique. We are all special in our unique way.

Be grateful
for what you have
for who you are
for where you are

Celebrate your uniqueness and remember comparisons are always unfair.

Focus on You, you are enough!


Your choice!

Be proud of who you are
Don’t be so hard on yourself

Turn failure into success
Don’t take No as a final answer

Celebrate every little victory
Don’t save your excitement for the big things

Take the time to reward yourself
Don’t wait to be on the receiving end!


Sacrifice for better

It’s not about who you are today

It’s about who you want to be!

It’s not about how long does it take to reach your goals

It’s about how much you would sacrifice to reach your goals!

It’s not about how much money you make

It’s about the price you’re willing to pay to get there!


Remember what you deserve!

The road to your dreams isn’t always easy to reach, sometimes spotted with challenges and obstacles to overcome, and hard times that will make you feel like quitting.

Don’t quit.

Just remember that great things take time, and anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Don’t give up.

As you work to achieve your desired goals, push yourself to keep moving forward, forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve.


Be patient

We sometimes face things in our life that are hard to understand.

We ask: “Why me? Why did I have to face such?”

Yet we don’t realize the love and lesson that we’re being given.

We forget that God tests those that he loves the most

We forget that toughest battles are given to the strongest warriors

The path that we seek may seem as though it’s hard to reach, but with faith and patience – we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

Just be patient, and have trust in God!

IS- Victorymotivation